Better Sorry than Safe.

Risks make you sorry when they whiplash.

Yet not taking them fills you with even more regret.

Golden opportunities


Cold gash of a chance given. 


Wasted by paranoia.

Taken by ignorance.

The gold fades to a dull glitter.

None of the gold still intact.

The little crack that barely let anyone in has closed.

Hope doused like a fire.

Hidden under a rock 

And under the pressure and force,

It disintegrates.

That sliver of you that you let people in through 

Has beaten you down to a pulp.

Permanentely closed-off from everyone else.

Feeling like damaged goods.

Pushing everyone away.

Running from it all.

People ask "why" but only you know the answer.


The whips that others use to smack you down.

Right to the ground.

I'd rather be hurting to say I've had the experience 

Than to stay in my shell of safety.

Human dignity + compassion = Peace.