Staring into a mystery.

I stare  

At the girl in the mirror.

Black from head to toe.

Pins all in her hair.

Little curls at the end.

But I stop to look into my eyes,

To wonder what other people might see.

Boring eyes.


Unshed tears.

I look at my entire face,

And wonder what kind of person other people see in me.

A wise one,

A smart one,

I have no clue.

I wish that someone would just remind me.

So that I can remember.

Yet at the same time,

I don't want what their opinions tell me to influence who I am.

Because I vaguely recall,

A feeling of acceptance,

That I know that no one else has.

There was nothing that I would want to change.

I had a sense of dignity.

That as I looked and observed people,

They had absolutely none.

They held themselves with such contempt as to who they were.


And I lost my self in that because 

While you look at other people,

And everyone is the same,

You start to become the same too.

I tear myself from my deep thoughts and 

Look in the mirror one last time,

And remind myself how grateful I am that 

I'm so different from other people.

Human dignity + compassion = Peace.