All of us are held together by the finest glue.

A glue that builds a teather in all of us to each other.

The sense of togetherness and warmth that we have.

We see the beauty,

The dark,

And the dark beauty that we all have.

All we have is each other.

There is nothing else that we were sent here with.

Two gaurdians that pass,

And then one person who you spend your life with,

Until you become a gaurdian too.

We are all one with each other.

Holding onto anything we can.



Material possesions,


And each other.

Bitter sweet like everything else.

Some of us don't like each other and we don't have to.

But we do have to accept the fact that we were all sent here at the same time.

So there really isn't a point to any of the fighting.

All we are is a group of individuals,

Who are individual onto each other.

We all have the same glue that binds us to the same earth

That we spend all of the years that we're meant to on.

Life becomes a bitter sweet experience that we just flow with.

We never realize how much of an impact we have on the world until we use it.

There are so many people who don't.

As they make the sweetest parts of all.

Human dignity + compassion = Peace.