Mumbles that remain.

As I'm tossing in my sheets,

I feel the thoughts that still plague at me.

My problem tonight is that I leave 

everything unresolved.

It's all broken apart

and the wrongness of it all is seeping into me. 

I always feel so hopeless in the solace of the fact that I can never seem to

fix any of it.

Instead I run away from all of the 

problems that haunt my dreams. 

But I'm coming to know that they aren't dreams at all.

It's a big army of nightmares banding together

and I know all of them. 

Behind my closed eyes like closed doors- no one sees. 

Like pieces of thread, you can easily pull apart all of the thoughts 

that make up the monster in my head.

Little whispers of things that I ran from.

In my dreams, I do whatever I can

because here nothing matters.

It's when I snap awake that the color of everything comes back into my eyes.

Sometimes I wish the problems would come.

Maybe instead of running, hiding, and waiting,

I can break the thread like glass. 

Human dignity + compassion = Peace.