Trapping myself in all directions.

The flame I used to have waning into me,

charring any of the cruelty that was spat at me. 

I look into myself and I see a world of hurt, relentless lashes 

to the heart that never got the chance to see the sacred "love" 

that brings most people all of their happiness. 

The body that put everything and all others before it.

The mind that never wanted to hurt anything in sight 

but always had to do it anyway.

No one left unscathed it seems.

They all walked in, 

or dragged me in by my legs 

and we both seem to have left not knowing who we once were. 

I've been trapped in a mind that somehow finds the ability to regret

almost everything that it can.

'Tis a shame that we are all confined to this singular society.

Regretting all of the sustenance that I need knowing that without it,

the demons get all of the blood left in my body. 

Hating the shell that shows me to the world and goes through all of the motions

that I haven't understood in so long. 

I regret all of my regretting.

I had always wanted to be one of the few that was fine. 

Who could say that they were fine and never have to lie. 

I wanted to be okay in my cynical skin.

I never wanted to be the dagger into anyone else. 

Yet it would appear that there is more blood on me than in my excuse for veins. 

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.