As the things we used to know come to an end,

and the unknown comes about,

history tells us to be scared. 

Fear the worst because 

no one truly knows what will become of you. 

The terrible things that life is known to do in seconds suddenly seem 

more probable somehow. 

Age increases, and many still wonder around the idea of love. 

The years go on, and many are still wondering what love feels like. 

These people are wildly different and we all wonder what becomes of them 

as the old time rots away and the new is born. 

Yet in our bodies, everything seems so still. 

Though in each second one seems to stop,

the ones that continue wonder why.

As simple as it is to blame the physical realm, 

there is always that one part of us that wonders forth. 

That fraction of reaction to the unknown.

The tiny bit between life and death.

What happens to those of us who are torn?

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.