Dusk before the full dawn.

When you make a permanent mistake, what shall you do?

It was once. 

One thing can make you its own promise that you musn't break. 

Suddenly you belong to a cmmmunity of people

that you never liked to belong to.

Because of one mere slice, 

you become a broken toy, mental.

You turn into a person that you never thought you would be.

But you aren't.

Merely because of scars, people will associate you with a group of people 

not even they will ever know.

They do not know that pain. 

I'm glad that they don't.

I'd rather them sit there and judge me with their cruelest eyes than have them

do half of the things that I did.

Suddenly you cannot be trusted around sharp things. 

Suddenly you are so "broken" and incapable of dealing with anything.

Hiding them will not make them better or worse, but to

wear your heart where it belongs, 

beating in your chest, 

is easier than any sleeve or cheek that you could place it with.

The shaking of your hands will stop,

the bleeding will cease,

the tears will dry.

The judgement you recieve from anyone else has clearly left its mark with you,

but that will fade from you as well.

Bitterness stains the heart far worse than the blade pierces the skin.

It is harder to put down a knife than to use it 

and accept things for the way that they are. 

But, sometimes, 

you must take it upon yourself to take away that choice,

dispose of your weapon, and heal.

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.