The profound lack of Knowledge.

I'm sure that it's difficult to see through all of the idiotic nosense that I cover myself with, 

but I promise you that beneath it, there are words and

memories that make me sound smart because I know them all too well. 

I could tell you all about them. 

About the effortless kindness I tried at, 

the times where I was blindly furious, 

or the times I was so ridiculous that I laughed aloud at my own foolishness. 

I may never be blantantly intelligent, but I can make emotions obvious. 

When no one's there to see it, I know that I'm not the same girl as everyone likes to think. 

I have plenty of thoughts, none of them being filled with air, 

they just aren't what anyone's used to. 

Someone will choose one path, and I know that I would run the other way, 

and I know exactly why too,

I'd just never tell anyone because I know that no one would hear me. 

That and if they ever did, none of the words would ever come out right.

Which is probably why I never say them out loud, I just find other ways. 

People find the things I love to be superfluous,

but they are the only ways that I keep from screaming. 

There are many chances that I have to not be the way that I am, 

and I take none of them because in reality, 

life is too long to hold onto the people who never existed. 

Because they just weren't us. 

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.