The Villain's high school image.

In stories, there were times where the villain was sometimes someone that 

was once remarkable. 

As you were. 

But there then became that point where you changed. 

Your intentions were fine, but the actions upon them were toxic. 

There were things that you never had the right to do, 

and I stood idly by as you proceeded to do them because 

I myself felt utterly powerless. 

This is where the golden divide stood. 

Where I stopped trusting so openly, and I became 

the "person" that I am. 

Normal people are allowed to trust people without the repercussions seen anywhere else. 

I can remember all of the times when I thought that you cared. 

But now all I see is the pure self-serving emotions behind all of them. 

I see that all you ever wanted was to feel like you were a grand addition to society, 

but the hearts that you leave in your wake are the ones that will revolve back and

haunt the soul that you've made of them for yourself, and they will tear it apart. 

Because it was never purely yours to cling to. 

And when those wolves tear you apart, 

all you'll be left with is a picture of yourself before any of the horrors that you've comitted,

and me. 

But it will always be I who withdrawls. 

You are not my destiny, 

you aren't worthy of it or any of my time. 

This is what happens when people get betrayed, 

and this is what gives villains

all of their maliciousness that they will never dispose of. 

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.