Paper v. Plastic

I find my sense of communication with you to be the same struggle each time. 

If I came to you in person not trying to hide how I felt,

the sobs would have stopped me the way that they should.

It's been this big debate between paper and plastic. 

Choose paper, everything's natural, nothing hidden, 

bare bones all one could need or absorb from.

Plastic, and you can burn.

Burn down the bridges in your life that you no longer see fit to have.

Sure some toxins are left gallavanting in the air, but you only breathe in a little for now.

I don't know if telling you all that I need to would be the best option for me at the moment. 

I can't say that you're the one breaking my heart right?

I'm the one who allows such thoughts of you to taunt and haunt me.

I'm the one that still has those thoughts to begin with, 

the universe knows you never did. 

There's where a bit of my pain lies.

In the possibility that those thoughts could have been there.

We could have been having the same ones at the same time, 

and everything would have been fine if someone had just said something.

Maybe it should have been me. 

Perhaps I should have simply been honest with you in the first place. 

After being denied the thought that those emotions are okay for me to have for so long,

I deny it from myself. 

It hurts that it's too late. 

The feeling that I could have stopped the fire between you two before it started. 

But you two aren't a fire at all are you? 

I bet you're both just two waves, 

who happened to be flowing in the same direction, following the same schedule of the tide.

Not necessarily the same at all, but similar enough to be able to want to continue 

with the same tidings.

I am nowhere near your waves,

for the both of you put me out and the smoky tears I leave are new toxins in the atmosphere.

We all know that they should't be there to begin with, 

but fires start with irresponsibilty. 

I just wish that I could have just been a bit more responsible

for the fiery emotion that I never gave credit to. 

The trees to make paper should be given credit too.

They made something beautiful, but it all went to such waste. 

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.