It all fell to somewhere anyway

He wrote it for her, 

and it was everything that I would have expected from him. 

He wrote the magnum opus to their demise as a unit,

and somehow took all of it back in one fell swoop of his wrist. 

Perhaps it wasn't something that I should have exposed myself to for the time being,

but it's in my mind,

my anxious, constantly processing mind, 

that there will never be a way to recover the lost ground of

a heart lost in such disarray and debris. 

I went down with it like the sinking ship that I myself would soon lead into the ground,

my captain's hat clawing significance as though there were any to begin with.

Such a panic in one soul to behold. 

The wreckage of something that promised to be amazing, 

and worth all of the waiting done before. 

I watched it carefully like a falling leaf that no one bothered to pay enough attention to 

because they had their own breezes to hide from,

God forbid they throw caution to the wind that would take them someplace

all worth the risk.

But I digress,

he wrote it for her with the passion of a thousand suns and the fury of

the hounds of hell combined. 

He took their story and orchestrated it in his mind

using what he knew that he didn't have enough of

to fully emote what everyone already knew. 

He didn't have to, but it was a tale for the ages,

a true sight to behold with all of the silk and red sin of the goriest wars to be fought.

Somehow without even throwing the first punch,

al of it was over and the ambulance arrived without even the faintest whisper to be heard. 

I read it as though it would be the last thing that I did because with that note, 

a good part of him died, 

and I allowed my thoughts to travel down the rabbit hole with him as he drowned.

I felt all of the pain right along with him through this one sheet of paper

that I don't even think he cared to show anyone else.

I'm not sure if I wished that he did.

For after that one slip of parchment, a field of rotten roses that would have, 

on any other day, 

spelled out her name in their crimson glow,

fell from the ceiling that I never trusted anyway.

And all of this had only made me yearn

for the collapsing of the ground that I had always trusted far too well. 

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.