Thin mints are pretentious and overrated.

So fish can't ride bicycles, 

and as deceiving as they look and disappointing as it is, 

I will never have the privilege to hug a cloud. 

However, I was always astounded at the fact that these are the things I'm designed to focus on. 

Obviously, my focal isn't focused on

our gilled-up friends and their lack of efficient means of transportation, 

or the fact that a nebulus ball of fluff will never be my lover, 

but rather how the universe decided to designate my limitations. 

I'm also curious about what makes something a limitation to begin with. 

Actually, come to think of it,

you know who never has this problem?

Girl Scouts. 

I have never met one SINGLE girl scout who didn't know that they deserved the world,

and that they could OBTAIN that world as well. 

Girl Scouts somehoen have the same confidence as mediocre caucasian men going through a mid-life crisis trying to find a way around change. 

A girl scout has no limits, and knows NO BOUNDARIES. 

They tell you the cookies are fifteen dollars a box, 

and she finds it reasonable of me pay that much because she sees no limitations in my wallet either. 

I bought the cookies, of course because why the hell wouldn't I; they have everything I shouldn't have in them.

However, both my wallet and I have very strict limits and boundaries, 

so why can we find it so easy to break them down for other people, 

and never because we truly want to break them?

I fully acknowledged that this little girl was a hussler at best,

yet for some reason I signed my soul and livelihood for a simple box of coconut samoas.

I have a lot of questions for everyone who says that people can do anything, 

but find themselves doing absolutely nothing when it really matters. 

For the overwhelming majority of the population,

everything seems to matter more.

Something about everyday life makes people in power seem small. 

Maybe that's why we're always so anxious.

I could give all of my samoas out and then leave nothing for myself, 

just for someone else to buy a different box of the same thing,

and then keep all of them for themselves.

None of this exists for a girl scout. 

The inequality of humanity that they MIGHT understand when they're older

is what puts a lid on how people treat each other. 

I hope that those little girls never open their eyes, 

as selfish as that might be. 

I wish that they could live a life without ever knowing 

that my pockets had nothing else to give them,

and that other people, with more to give simply won't. 

I think that if there were more girl scouts the world would be better, 

not because of the moral code that they're raised in because I think that much of them could use a lesson on when proper snark is appropriate,

but I wish there were more people who just believed in other people. 

I'd buy all the thin mints they wanted me to if it could thin out 

those with deeper pockets in them to give,

but who never learned how to.