If I could give up my check for you right now, I just might.

So economic recessions am I right?

Nothing burns a warm hole in a conversation quite like the one that got away,

or the one that we wish did. 


I wish that people paid attention to the fact that you were always scarce. 

Safe places may be scarce, 

but places that look like them are not. 

Coming home to a lover, you tell them you're tired,

and they seem to forget that anything was wrong at all.

A few hours earlier, I took a trip to the unemployment office 

and I noticed that as usual no one looked happy,

and I didn't expect them to. 

People never seem to be happy when they need things,

or especially when other people do. 

Or even more especially when things that people need are asked for from other people. 

I didn't expect that I would ever get to the front of the line, because quite frankly,

this is the worst line to be at the front of. 

No one really looks at you the same after you ask them for their thoughts,

as though they wouldn't have a million more made up within the next hour. 

I'm good at being vulnerable with myself, and my own circumstances,

but that kind of vulnerability with someone else just never sat right with me.

We grow up being told to stay quiet, but are met with such shock when our thoughts are loud.

I should have written a broad farewell to my pride. 

It's funny how no one ever speaks in these lines.

I can hear what they want to say, because we all want to say the same things. 

Needing things has gone so far down the totem pole that it's what we look for in a partner. 

People tend to pursue everyone who won't pursue them,

strictly because they have no responsibility to them.

I would imagine this is the most self-deprecating line of people that there's ever been.

Seeing that it never ends,

I'm quite curious to see where the people who need help actually go to for love.

I almost pity the workers at the desks, 

but they wouldn't have jobs if the sky wasn't this gray all of the time.

Mind you, 

I hate co-dependency just as much as everyone in this place,

but having to grovel will teach you. 

People will hold up anyone who won't notice that they need it so that they don't look needy either.

The thing is, ego doesn't stop humanity from being weak.

People are feeble things, really. 

People in this line have had their backs broken 

for the sake of someone else going after what it takes to fix theirs,

taking from others what it takes to put bread on their table. 

However, those people still have friends,

and still even speak to those that they chose to disassemble.

People who break others pull people into this line without looking back,

and anyone supporting the people stuck here hold them up too.

I always found it almost funny how people could watch people they know be tossed here,

yet befriend closely those whose who put us here. 

I suppose I'm lucky that my needs are rooted in circumstance,

but unlucky to have been here before too.