In the darkest corner or the world,

There's a girl doing what she loves 

But she is in that corner 


Hiding what she loves to do more than anything.

She never asks herself "why" because she knows the answer; 

She doesn't want to be ridiculed.

She doesn't want to have such a pressure on what she loves.

She does what no one should ever do;


She is ashamed of what she loves.

She doesn't realize that being ashamed of what you love most 

Is as though you are ashamed of yourself.

Your passions are one of the few things that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Plenty of people can hold a pencil.

Not all can use it to make artwork.

Many people know how to speak english.

But not all can use it in such a way that it forms the perfect poetry.

Everyone can run.

But not all can run past that point of pain and reach perfect bliss.

Passions are the things that we do that go past the phrase "Hobbies"

They let us express oursleves when we can't find any other ways to do so.

Passions set us apart from everyone else.

The more diverse, the more special.

And if passions make us who we are, they shouldn't be hidden.

They should be cherished.

Human dignity + compassion = Peace.