To all ye who enter... Her

Now that sounds really physical and graphic, 

but I'm telling you right now; it's not. 

You will spot her in a common place whether it be your dreams or a crowded corridor,

and something about her will catch your eye before she had the chance to hide.

You might tell her hey, but most of your time is absorbed

in silently asmiring what could be considered yours,

but won't be until you see more of her. 

So you go aout peeling her petals back, 

and she's not saying no, 

but you'll never get that flat-out yes until you ask for it.

But that feeling of being able to be a bud amongst nothing else began to aid her in

her quest of finding herself, 

and somehow she starts to think that you too,

could be the missing part of herself that she was so close to finding. 

And for two split and fleeting seconds, you were. 

You entered her life, but once you got the memo that 

she would of course allow you into her mind and body, you let her leave you there.

And she was crying, just trying, to keep you close but you couldn't stay any longer. 

I would like to explain to you what you should have done before infiltrating what you didn't think could be a sacred place, 

but will prove to be your only safe haven when everyone else leaves.

I would like you to know that after you leave her,

she will never let you back in because

she will push you so far from her without so much as touching you. 

I would like you to know that these small details matter, but telling you about them

won't because you've already started on your path and you'll never see the consequences in your stopping. 

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace.